Meet the Team

Khaleda KHAN – CEO


Khaleda Khan is Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Consortium, founded in January 2007 after graduating as a Health Promotionist in 2005. Khaleda is a qualified trained Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Mediator and Personal development trainer.

I am a personal development trainer for individuals and companies, qualified practitioner to deliver NLP, mediator, and a health promotionist, specialising in health & guidance development with a special interest in intellectual Neuro- Linguistic and negotiating developmental changes that enlightens my practice as a NLP practitioner and professional trainer.

I have a passion for people and for disseminating the knowledge I have worked and studied hard to gain. I have great satisfaction in leading and delivering various training programmes in the UK.

Delivering personal development programmes through one-one sessions and trainings, mediating with individuals from all walks of life, practicing NLP for the past 10 years within Women’s Consortium and other contracted companies has resulted an increasingly development in people’s performance and outlook in life as well as organisations enactment and achieving their company goals.

I am a lifelong learner, continually learning and developing, implementing beneficial knowledge & I believe I make a positive difference to all who come into contact with me.


Halima BEGUM – Website and Design 


I have been working with Women’s Consortium since 2007. I have an Advanced Diploma in Point of Sale Visual Merchandising. Within this course, I have learnt photography, graphics, design and styling. I work along with the Management committee to make sure the design side of Women’s Consortium website and designs are up-to-date and ready for the public.

I have been with Women’s Consortium for ten years and I believe the work this organisation conducts is very commendable. They work very hard as a team and individuals to make sure the public receive the help and services they require. This is something I admire, and love to support.

To be able to help an organisation like this is very rewarding and it is a pleasure to work with such a talented team.



Caroline JOHNSON-MARSHALL – Counsellor


I have been working for the Women’s Consortium for over three years and have really enjoyed it because the Women’s Consortium which is well organised and run. The organisation is thoughtful and caring concerning clients and consideration is given to individual circumstances. I organise my own regular supervision.

I trained in Spectrum Centre for Humanistic Psychotherapy having attended therapy for my own needs and having reached a stage in my life where I felt ready to work in the area myself. I chose this training because it focuses on the individual and relationships, and is an integrative approach including somatic work and gestalt training.

I have also trained in Solution Focused Therapy, EFT, and other related areas.

I have degrees in the arts, in Special Educational Needs, and in Speech, Language and Communication. (I worked for many years with children with Special Educational Needs including behaviour difficulties, learning difficulties and speech and language difficulties). I have co-authored a book on Sexual Abuse (1992).


Juliet AREGHAN OKONKWO – Human Resources Volunteer


Volunteering with Women’s consortium gives me the opportunity to contribute positively to the community I live in but what I enjoy most despite its challenges and the inner sense of worth I feel each time I am at my job.

I have a first degree in Law and practiced for five years. I developed a specific interest in employment law and its direct influence on employees generally. This influenced my decision to study Human resource management as a master degree. Since University I have worked in Marketing, Customer service, Administration and most recently Human resource. I currently work part-time for Health Exchange in Community development as a stop smoking advisor.


Samantha CREGHAN – Community Manager

I started volunteering for Womens Consortium in April 2015 where my role developed to Community Manager. I am responsible for promoting Women’s Consortium to the general public and organisations using public facing communication mediums. These include managing the community spreadsheet, posting on social media, contacting organisations, attending events and arranging days in various public venues.

I enjoy volunteering for charities and giving something to the community. The particular thing I enjoy about volunteering with Women’s Consortium because it is a new charity in the area and therefore is a new project and challenge for me.

In terms of my background I have a degree in Early Childhood Studies. Since University I have done various things, and my career path and interest has changed. Currently, I volunteer for Oxfam as well. I have volunteered for about a year and a half at one of their shops. I do a variety of roles including financial administration, recruitment and training, online selling, and general shop floor duties as well as being a keyholder. It is from this experience that led me to want to get a paid job in the voluntary sector in a project manager/co-ordination role.

Abena MINTAH – Community Development Officer

I volunteer as a community development officer. My reason was to be part of an organisation that over the years had helped over 5,000 women through the provision of therapy, workshops and personal development sessions. The organisation is dedicated to empowering women within the community to reach their full potential and I admire that.

My duties as a development officer are not limited as I also assist with marketing. It is a privilege to have the chance to assist the committee in promoting the organisation through a range of mediums. I love the opportunities this job has brought so far and I am excited for what the future holds. I have previously worked in admin related roles as a Liaisons Officer and a Care –coordinator and I grateful for the opportunity to utilise and enhance my skills. I also hope to bring my knowledge as a Healthcare and Business graduate to the organisation to help it grow from strength to strength. This position has already given me the opportunity to meet new people and gain new invaluable skills. I am very honoured to be part of such a dedicated and hardworking committee for a worthwhile cause.


Wajeeha Amin – Trainer & Therapist

I’m a wellbeing expert. Working as a professional therapist and relationship coach has taught me a lot about how we can all live happier lives at home, in our jobs, and through meaningful, fulfilling relationships.

It has always fascinated me how our minds can both help us and harm us. It’s made me spend my life learning about what drives us, what we crave vs. what we need to be happy, what it is that holds us back. It’s made me train in therapies that help people discover these secrets for themselves.

My background: In the last fourteen years, I have worked in within NHS, social care and education settings, as well as in private practice, with countless individuals, couples, groups, schools, young people and families to improve their lives and give them back a sense of control, self-worth, hope and joy.

What I do: I get people back on track and feeling good. Running my practice from Central London and East London, I provide transformative talking therapies, hypnotherapy, coaching techniques, group workshops, masterclasses and consultancy services to anyone needing to make a change in their lives, or wanting to help others do the same.

My training: A professional, qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor and hypnotherapist, I’m a member of The Counselling Society and The General Hypnotherapy Register, as well as being on the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council), used by and recommended by the NHS.

What I want to give you: I want to prove that every life can change. Providing a safe, nurturing place to grow from and creative therapeutic support that really works, everyone who comes to me feeling stuck can find the hope and help they need to powerfully and joyfully steer their life to a new place of lasting well-being.