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FREE Well-Being Workshops in 2017

FREE Well-Being Workshops

We love to keep a healthy mind and healthy heart and so we have put together fabulous well-being workshops for you – Totally FREE!
We will be delivering couple of workshops each month throughout the year 2017 across London & Birmingham teaching individuals to develop resilience against mental health, learning techniques to living a positive healthier lifestyle. The workshops will be led by our physiological wellbeing practitioner.We are passionate about improving peoples’ effectiveness and then evaluating the impact that this has on performance at an individual and organisational level. We love what we do and we endeavour to inspire the people we work with to measurable individual and or business success by developing a learning mindset driven by curiosity, reflection and a desire to reach their full potential.
Our mission is to ensure that all our training and development initiatives demonstrate a measurable return on investment.RESERVE YOUR SEAT 



Title: Manage Your Mind: Reducing Stress & Anxiety
Date: Wednesday 15th
Time: 12pm – 2pm
Venue: Chalkhill Community Centre
Events Womens Consortium

Well- Being workshop on Anxiety, Depression and Stress