About Us

Women’s Consortium is a charity dedicated to catering for the women of our community. We are committed to ensuring women of any age or ethnicity are assisted through any social, skills-related, career, nonadministrative or bureaucratic problems they may be facing.


The scope of our project includes helping those who face discrimination, language barriers or feel themselves socially excluded or deprived in any respects. Often, women in these positions may feel disadvantaged in accessing various public sectors such as GPs, job centers, sports centers, training opportunities, workshops or education/skills courses.


Women’s Consortium aims to encourage every individual to maximise on all their personal strengths and build on any weaknesses.


Women’s Consortium provide various activities, workshops, healthy lifestyle training, diet and health promotion, yoga, meditation, life coaching, confidence building sessions, health & safety/ first aid trainings, language classes, support and advice free of charge to all our users. Part of our health promotion scheme involves providing both confidential individual and group sessions around key health issues concentrating on developing lifestyle programmes to improve personal health.


A fundamental aim of Women’s Consortium is promoting social inclusion and preventing feelings of alienation and disillusionment in the community. Part of this venture involves schemes to prevent the tide of rising mental health issues amongst local women through activities focused on increasing women’s confidence, raising self esteem and getting women actively participating in exercise classes, employment, further education and they themselves working with public, voluntary and charity sectors.


Providing emotional support, we aim to be a base where women who seldom express themselves at all, feel comfortable enough to communicate their feelings and emotions fully and honestly.


Women’s Consortium is currently a small community project, aspiring to become a well established organisation nation-wide branching out to other projects.


Various issues women suffer from include language problems, cultural problems, religious restrictions, lack of communication skills, discrimination and sometimes even discrimination from their own families. As well as these barriers, women can be reluctant to receive support from male workers. Women who are burdened with a heavy workload also may not have time to travel to an organisation for support, indirectly causing them to suffer. With all these issues existing and continuing to arise Women’s Consortium is created with the intention to build and encourage women who suffer both within the community and in the wider community.


We wish to raise issues, work in collaboration with other groups, and represent the wellbeing of women’s lives. The project also benefits women by providing access to other information and advice services so that they can further develop necessary skills required for active involvement.





  • Empower more women in communities
  • To advance women & families by taking a proactive role in community development.
  • Relieve poverty, distress and hardship amongst women/families.
  • To advance Education and Training for the beneficial class to further educational advancement, career development, and increase entrepreneur skills and knowledge.
  • Increase Adult Education enrollment rate for women. Educate the community group on welfare and legal rights.
  • Provide necessary platform to foster better communication between the younger and older groups.
  • Serve as a one-stop-shop where information can be accessed.
  • Safe-guard the interest of ‘the vulnerable’ against exploitation.
  • Undertake community projects to increase participation.