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  • Counselling

    Interested in Counselling at a very low price!
    Here at Women’s Consortium we offer professional counselling at a very low price. See more

  • Personal Development Programme

    Personal Development Programme (PDP) brings out the best in people by helping individuals and organisations to achieve their goals.

  • Mediation

    The process in which a Mediator mediates between parties and finally to reach an affective agreement or reconciliation.

  • NLP

    The process in which to understand how you organise your thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results
    you do. In essence (Neuro) Your mind and how you think, (Linguistic) the language you use us to communicate, (Programming) how you order your behaviours and actions to generate results.

  • Bespoke Training

    We deliver Bespoke training for companies, organisations and Councils. Tailored to meet your needs…

  • New in Birmingham

    New Counselling, Personal Development, Mediation, NLP Services & Training Courses available in Birmingham NOW!

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